Bell Atomizer for Automotive Market


Our High Flow Atomizer for Top Performance

ThaiPollutech works with ABB Robotic to offer Paint Application Package (PAP) which is standard package from ABB Factory. The system is fully integrated between robot system and bell atomizer to provide faster response and ready to use system

High-speed Rotary Atomizer

Sunbell Eco ESA200

High-grade finish

The air cap provides a steady particle-distributed spray pattern, which results in high-grade film coating and prevents discoloration, even with metallic paint.

High transfer rate

A new type of bell cap generates air with low turbulence, providing a high rate of paint transfer, reducing the amount of paint used, and contributing to environmental improvements on the coating line.

Excellent penetration

A newly-developed bell cap and structure mounted to the tip of the coating gun enables better surface coating, ensuring remarkable penetration.

Easy to clean

An inside/outside cup cleaning mechanism uses a very small amount of paint thinner to clean the equipment in a short time, preventing defects and waste, while improving first run rate.

High level of safety

A newly-developed electrostatic controller closely monitors voltage and current.In addition, a miniature, high-voltage generator is embedded in the coating gun providing a high level of safety.

Automatic Electrostatic Air Spray Gun

Sungun II APEG25

Helps you spend less

A maximum applied voltage of DC-90V means a high rate of paint transfer, which reduces paint costs and decreases work time, contributing greatly to overall cost reduction.

Eco-friendly design

Mist scatter is low due to a high rate of paint transfer, making it possible to improve the coating site and consider surroundings.

High level of safety

This coating gun contains a high-voltage generator, enabling safe electrostatic automatic coating.

High-grade finish

Offers remarkable atomization performance even with low paint pressure, enabling high-grade coating.

Compatible with high-viscosity paint

Able to produce a high paint pressure of 21MPa, enabling you to spray high-viscosity paints such as high solid paint etc.

Robo Gun Ⅲ EAB400

High-quality finish

New nozzle design provides consistent spray pattern for a beautiful finish, using less paint.

Ample variations

Three types of air caps to choose from for specific paints and jobs, to meet a wide range of coating conditions.

Compact, light-weight design

Compact, high-voltage generator and light-weight design perfect for robot attachment.

High reliability

Body crafted with special resin for remarkable, high-intensity electrical properties and improved reliability.


Features same tool dimensions as former EAB90 model, allowing you to utilize former robot teaching when changing out equipment.

Micro Coat Air Spray Automatic Gun

Pearl Gun AGB50

Consistent paint transfer results

A newly-developed nozzle and air cap combination provide a high rate of paint transfer, contributing to a reduction in paint costs.

Remarkable paint film quality

A newly-designed, coaxial nozzle offers uniform paint film quality with excellent atomization.

Lower running costs

A newly-developed needle seat structure improves durability when switching the spray mechanism ON/OFF, contributing to a reduction in running costs.

Compact, light-weight design

A 10% reduction in length and 30% reduction in weight compared to previous models provide a compact, light-weight design. Multiple guns can easily be equipped to a single robot, contributing to an increase in productivity.

Specialized nozzle

Includes a special nozzle designed for high-intensity metallic pearl mica coating.

Air Electrostatic Hand Gun

HB Series, HB-X3, HB5000, HB6000

High-grade atomization

By enlarging the air path as much as possible, less internal pressure is lost, making highly-atomized coating easy with low air pressure.

High paint film quality

A newly-developed air cap and new type of nozzle designed for specific applications work together for uniform, high-quality paint film with superior atomization.

Remarkable handling

The most light-weight design the world has to offer (540 g) features a gun grip with the center of gravity at the top for superior balance, reducing fatigue during long periods of use.

High level of safety

An HV potential indicator is embedded in the gun’s body, allowing you to easily keep track of electrostatic application even while coating.

Easy maintenance

The main parts are specially assembled to reduce the total number of parts needed, and can easily be replaced using basic tools.