Bell Atomizer for Automotive Market

Our High Flow Atomizer for Top Performance

ThaiPollutech works with ABB Robotic to offer Paint Application Package (PAP) which is standard package from ABB Factory. The system is fully integrated between robot system and bell atomizer to provide faster response and ready to use system

Bell Atomizer for General Industry Market

Nano Bell


The new Nanobell robotic rotary atomizer is able to spray solvent borne, water borne, single or multi-component materials. With Nanobell, manufacturers of small plastic parts, of the wood industry, of metal parts now have a robotic sprayer which significantly contributes to paint savings.

Electrostatic Bell Atomizer PPH 308 

pph308The PPH robotic rotary atomizers offer a better atomization of paint particles, a high transfer efficiency as well as ease of adjustments: They will improve productivity of your paint line with a much higher finishing quality.