Rotary-Atomized Air Electrostatic

Sun Bell Eco ESA200
Angled gun tip design suits to robot and remarkable direct surface penetration. Automatic gun with an angle on the gun top that provides both ensured verticalness to the coating surface and superior coating in every hole and corner.

Air-wrapped Airless Electrostatic


Static electricity combined with wrap air provides a high transfer efficiency. Electrostatic effects and wrap air provide a high rate of paint transfer and high-grade finish. High transfer efficiency and high quality finish the coating gun corresponding high flow rate

Bell Atomizer for Automotive Market

Our High Flow Atomizer for Top Performance

ThaiPollutech works with ABB Robotic to offer Paint Application Package (PAP) which is standard package from ABB Factory. The system is fully integrated between robot system and bell atomizer to provide faster response and ready to use system

Bell Atomizer for General Industry Market

RB951 / RB625 / RB031 by ABB
Compact and Light Design Atomizer for Today’s Robotics Application

The Robobell Internal Charge is a high efficiency rotary atomizer designed for today’s robotic production. Its intended application is coating complex surfaces with solvent borne paint. Its range of application goes from exterior car body to complex car bumper painting. This is an internal charge atomizer; the high voltage charge is applied to the paint on the bell cup before atomization.

Electrostatic Gun for Robotic and Manual

EAB400 / HB5000 by Asahi Sunac Manual and Robotic electrostatic gun

Cheaper than bell atomizer, but it still gives higher transfer efficiency compared to normal air spray gun. EAB400 can be mounted on a robotic arm or a reciprocator. Even smallest painting robot still can install with EAB400.

Conventional Gun for Robotic

ABG51 / AGB50 by Asahi Sunac Robotic spray gun

This automatic coating gun is ideal for high-grade thin-film cosmetic coating with metallic or pearl mica paint. A 10% reduction in length and 30% reduction in weight compared to previous models provide a compact, light- weight design. Multiple guns can easily be equipped to a single robot, contributing to an increase in productivity.