Standard Workcell ” Robot Package “


Paint Robot Package + Turn Table

ThaiPollutech and ABB offer many options for painting robot package. The packages is designed to provide a cost-effective, standardized paint robot package solution with specified functionality. It is an optimized, integrated process solution with state of the art technology to ensure excellent quality. It is pre-engineered, documented and designed to achieve quick installation and start-up.

ABB Paint Robotic  

IRB 52A compact painting specialistRobotics

The IRB 52 is a compact painting robot designed specifically for painting small and medium sized parts in a vide range of industries.

IRB 580 Top model functions – compact design

IRB 580 combines the advanced functions of the IRB 5400 series with a compact design. The result is a highly flexible, cost-effective and accurate paint robot system.

IRB 5400 High performance paint process robot

A highly efficient paint robot with high acceleration, high load capacity, large work envelope and integrated process equipment.

IRB 5400 Slim and fast paint robot

A powerful and slim paint robot with a large work envelope.

IRB 5500 The new automotive painting concept

The unique design and configuration of the IRB 5500 FlexPainter allows the robot arm to move parallel to both vertical and horizontal surfaces with minimum booth size requirements.