Technical data

Designation Value Unit: Metric
Weight 14 Kg.
Height 560 mm.
Width 220 mm.
Maximum Fluid Pressure 7 bar
Recommended Fluid Pressure 3 bar
Stainless steel Construction SUS304
Bell Cup Cleaner 3D

A concept of Bell Cup Cleaner (BCC)
a robotic bell atomizer cup cleaning

A concept of BCC

Any contamination on bell cup or shaping air nozzle could create particles landing on a painted part. It results in higher reject rate and reduction in yield. BCC is designed to wash inner, outer and shaping air nozzle at the same time.  The washing sequence is a combination between washing thinner and compressed air inside a BCC pot.

Bell Cup Cleaner

The advantages

  • Quick and automatic cleaning of the bell, shape air ring and bell cup
  • Quick cleaning
  • Connection to a dump system
  • Especially low flushing media consumption
  • Closed container
  • No secondary pollution
  • Low maintenance effort
Bell Cup Cleaner dimension

Compatible to following bell atomizer

Our Bell Cup Cleaner is compatible to major brands of a bell atomizer. Also can be customized to several cup sizing. Following is compatible brand: ABB, Funac, Sames, Asahi Sunac, Durr and Ransburg.

Cleaning Sequence

In order to optimize thinner and air consumption, below is a recommended program sequence.  Some parameters need to be adjusted according to levels of contamination on a bell atomizer.

Bell Cup Cleaner detail
Bell Cup Cleaner explanation