Technical data

Rinsing Medium Solvent, flushing media, air
Compressed air Filtered air ø 12 mm, 8 – 10 bar
Material Stainless steel, teflon
Dimensions 927 x 542 x 1,700 mm
Pigging technology
ø 12 mm

Paint Supply Systems

Special colors and mini paint supply systems take place with high priority in all modern paint shops. Special attention is paid to a resource-saving, but also fast production process in color change systems. The paint supply station is used for the preparation and application of the paints into the paint process. The arising rinsing media during the fully automated color change are collected in central dump sytems.

The advantages

  • Increased economic efficiency through process
  • optimization & cost reduction
  • Low paint and solvent consumption for color
  • changes
  • Material recovery
  • Fast, comfortable material change
  • Customer-specific systems
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automated color change
  • Easy integration into existing processes
  • High process reliability through level monitoring
  • Electro polished container made of stainless steel