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Paint Arrestor Type Spray Booths

The ThaiPollutech dry filter spray booth has no washing chamber. Instead, the fan draws overspray into a paper filter at the back of the booth. This traps the paint and allows clean air to be exhausted. ThaiPollutech disposable paper filter consists of two sheets of heavy paper with corrugations of unequal sizes. The sheets are attached at the corrugations. Each sheet has rows of perforations staggered relative to the other – both vertically and horizontally. This give the paint laden air a tortuous passage through the filter and, in fact, it must strike at least four surfaces before leaving the filter. The result is that the sticky paint adheres and filtered air is discharged. The filter has a long life but when it is fully laden with paint it can be removed and replaced easily.

Picture on the left : Standard DB series Model DB-30

Summary of DB series Advantages

Economical and Cost Savings
DB Series is the most economical series in the market. The Series is ideally suited for limited or intermittent spray operations such as refinish shops, schools and production lines where paint consumption is moderate.

Completely knock-down structure
More convenience to move and re-install. Almost every part of the booth is knock-down from the factory. The panel is pre-punched and ready to do final assembly at customer’s site. The booth is designed to easily disassembly whenever it’s needed.

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