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Modular Paint System 

Reason behind Modular Paint System (MPS)

The current solution of a plastic painting line for multiple layer is not lean and flexible enough.  It comes with big investment and hard to maintenance.  (1) When paint application from end customers is changed,  cost of process modification is substantially high. Sometime it’s almost impossible to change.  (2) When production volume is going down or customers request small lot order (Just-in-time order),  it’s not sensible in term of running cost to start the line

MPS benefit compared to conventional line
  • Less investment cost, No need invest at one time. Invest step by step
  • Less process downtime. No risk for production line break down at once
  • Less part travelling from injection machine to the paint line.
  • Easier robot programming.  No conveyor tracking is needed.
  • Robot can reach hidden area, because part is rotatable.
  • Less down time for robot programming.  No need to stop the whole line for programming
  • Easier to relocate the line with compact and modular design
  • Better delivery lead-time  (4 month lead time) compared to 6-8 months for conventional line
  • Line is flexible for 1K / 2K single layer or multilayer. Better process optimization