A compact painting specialist.

The IRB 52 is a compact painting robot designed specifically for painting small and medium sized parts in a wide range of industries. It provides you with an affordable, professional and high-quality painting solution
With its small size and large working envelope, it is flexible and versatile, while its high speed and accuracy offers short cycle times.

Robot Specifications

Robot version Payload on wrist (kg) Reach vertical arm (m)
IRB 52/1.2 7 0.475
IRB 52/1.45 7 0.7
Number of axes 6
Protection IP67 (wrist IP54)
Mounting Floor, inverted, wall, tilted
Controller IRC5P Paint
Ex-certification Explosion protected Exi/Exp for installation in
hazardous area, Zone 1 (Europe) and Division I, Class I & II

Performance (according to ISO 9283)

Robot version Static repeatability (mm) Path accuracy (mm)
IRB 52/1.2 0.15 0.15
IRB 52/1.45 +/- 2 +/- 2


Axis movement Working range 1.2m reach Working range 1.45 m reach Axis max speed
Axis 1 rotation +180° to -180° +180° to -180° 180°/s
Axis 2 arm +110° to -63° +120° to -90° 180°/s
Axis 3 arm +55° to -235° +65° to -245° 180°/s
Axis 4 arm +200° to -200° +200° to -200° 320°/s
Axis 5 bend +115° to -115° +115° to -115° 400°/s
Axis 6 rotation +400° to -400° +400° to -400° 460°/s

It includes ABB IRB 52 unique integrated paint system, IPS.

  • Reliable – A combination of proven technology and well tested innovations
  • Fast – High speed in all axes delivering improved cycle times
  • Accurate – Outstanding position repeat-ability resulting in high process and product quality
  • Flexible – versatile mounting options enabling space saving layouts
  • Versatile – wide reach, long stroke and ability to handle large payloads
  • Compact – smaller spray booth size and reduced ventilation needs resulting in increased energy efficiency

Designed for Painting

Collecting Efficiency

The IRC5P is the newest generation paint robot control system specifically designed for the paint shop. Key elements of its user friendly interface are the Exi certified FlexPaint pendent with multi-language support, and the customizable PC software for paint cell supervision, RobView 5.
The IRB 52 comes in two versions:
IRB 52 / 1.2 m vertical arm
IRB 52 / 1.45 m vertical arm