DB Series Spray Booth Dry Filter System

Summary of DB series Advantages Economical and Cost Savings

Spray Booth DB Series

DB Series is the most economical series in the market. The Series is ideally suited for limited or intermittent spray operations such as refinish shops, schools and production lines where paint consumption is moderate. Completely knock-down structure
More convenience to move and re-install. Almost every part of the booth is knock-down from the factory. The panel is pre-punched and ready to do final assembly at customer’s site. The booth is designed to easily disassembly whenever it’s needed.

How DB Series works

A Spray Booth Dry Filter DB series spray booth has no washing chamber. Instead, the fan draws overspray into a paper filter at the back of the booth. This traps the paint and allows clean air to be exhausted.

The disposable paper filter use principle of inertia separation. The overspray suffers several radical changes in direction. The paint particles, heavier than air, are projected out of the air stream. The filter have a holding capacity 3 to 7 times higher than most common mesh filters.

The filter has a long life but when it is fully laden with paint it can be removed and replaced easily.