Surface Inspection

High-precision color and surface inspection in production processes

Our instruments and procedures, developed using scientific principles, help to detect faults and deviations which are invisible to the human eye as early as possible on all sorts of technical surfaces in the context of industrial manufacture and finishing. State-of-the-art control optics, operating with high-contrast light, quickly localize and visualize even minimal surface defects or uneven spots. This enables manufacturers to promptly take corrective action, avoid or reduce expensive scrap and guarantee high and constant quality. With an installed base of several thousand systems worldwide, we are one of the leading international suppliers for optical quality control systems.

How VT Series works

The VT series spray booth uses the unique, patented venturi plate to provide continual mixing throughout the tank. A fan create a high velocity air stream across venturi throat. This causes the surface to shear and liquid is entrained by the air.

VT Series Details

Collecting Efficiency

Air Flow Speed : 0.7 m/s
Filter used to capture overspray : EU-3
Spray Booth Model: VT-25
Method of Testing: Weight Measurement of Spray paint and Final Filter Capture

Testing Date Color Weight Thinner Weight Solid Contain Result Collecting Efficiency
22/05/2017 2 KG 4 KG 20% 98.2 %
29/05/2017 2 KG 4 KG 20% 98.0%
10/06/2017 3.5 KG 1.5 KG 50% 99.12%