Linear Hanger Gripper Unit (2 Axis and 1 Axis)

Spray Booth VT Series

LG Series is a linear gripper unit to make a hanger running on overhead conveyor stable enough for robotic spraying. 2 versions are available in this series, LG-1 and LG-2.

LG-1 is a single axis linear gripper.  Its functions is to grip a hanger and track according to direction of an overhead conveyor.  LG-2 operates with the same concept as LG-1 but with an additional function of hanger rotation during tracking.

LG Component Description

Component Description

2 Options Available

2 options available


Minimum requested length for a hanger

In order to make LG Series work properly, a distance between the end of a jig and the lowest spray part is 200 mm.  The longer is the better to prevent a overspray contaminating a gripper unit.