Technical data

Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
Control Siemens S7 PLC
Operation Touch panel, higher-level control
Gas supply 50 bis 1.000 mbar
Gas types
Propane/natural gas/city gas
Heat output
Up to 50 kW (depending on the type of gas)
Compressed air supply
Existing compressed air network, frequency-controlled supply air blower

Flame Technology

Flame Technology 2

Flame Treatment Technology System

The flame treatment technology system consists of a control unit, which regulates the gas-air mixture and the gasburner. It is divided into two parts, the mechanical part, with all the pipes, valves, pressure switches and mass flow controllers and the electrical part, consisting of the control, visualization, automatic burner control and all the electrical wiring.

In order to achieve optimum paint adhesion on polyfin and polypropylene components, such as bumpers in the automotive industry, a high surface tension must be generated. In addition, a clean reproducible surface is ensured.

Flaming can be effected in two ways:

  • Flexible by using an industrial robot
  • Stationary, with movable parts to be flamed

Flame Technology 2

Flame Technology 3

The advantages

  • Flexible burner-design according to customer requirements
  • Improved adhesion of the paint on the plastic surfaces
  • Reproducibility of the application result
  • Improvement of product quality and durability
  • Process monitoring in the sense of quality management
  • Leakage monitoring of the air/gas mixture hose
  • Profibus-, Profinet- or I/O interface
  • Integration into higher-level control systems
  • Fully automated
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customized solutions
  • Own commissioning personel
  • Complete system from a single source