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Paint Circulation System (PCS)

A concept of PCS equipment

Every customer has different requirements on the way of feeding a paint to their applicator. ThaiPollutech has developed a standard set of PCS (Paint Circulation System) to meet customer’s need. Our model ranges from small paint usage and frequent change color (eg. model: PA-10) to fixed tank color (eg. model: PAD-40).

PCS Equipment

Standard Feature: FEP Paint Tube for Easy Cleaning

Instead of Nylon or Urethane paint hose, our standard hose is made of FEP. It results fast cleaning and less paint settlement inside a tube.

FEP Paint Tube
Sensor for paint low level

Option: Sensor for paint low level.

To get a signal for warning which paint tank is getting empty. An air operating valve can be connected to PLC or a tower light.

Paint Rrulator Features
Asahi Sunac AR30

  • Provides stable paint pressure and flow rate even with small paint discharge, for high precision paint supply.
  • Eliminates unwanted paint spattering when starting to spray, improves coating quality, and eliminates waste.
  • Reduces the pulsation peculiar to squeeze pumps, and always discharges a steady volume of paint to reduce spattering and improve coating quality.
  • Lowers pressure decreases even during high discharge to improve work performance.
  • A swirling flow structure was used inside so that solvent is discharged in a cyclone pattern when cleaning for improved maintenance, and also reduces the amount of time needed to change colors.
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Paint Circulation System PCS