Spray Booth High Efficiency Venturi System

Spray Booth VT Series

VT Series is a improved design of our previous model. This series is based on 40 years of booth manufacturing experience.Constant suction air flow with high collecting efficiency is the first priority in design of this series

How VT Series works

The VT series spray booth uses the unique, patented venturi plate to provide continual mixing throughout the tank. A fan create a high velocity air stream across venturi throat. This causes the surface to shear and liquid is entrained by the air.

VT Series Details

Collecting Efficiency

Air Flow Speed : 0.7 m/s
Filter used to capture overspray : EU-3
Spray Booth Model: VT-25
Method of Testing: Weight Measurement of Spray paint and Final Filter Capture

Testing Date Color Weight Thinner Weight Solid Contain Result Collecting Efficiency
22/05/2017 2 KG 4 KG 20% 98.2 %
29/05/2017 2 KG 4 KG 20% 98.0%
10/06/2017 3.5 KG 1.5 KG 50% 99.12%