Spray Booth VT Series

Application : part cleaning or wipe / air blow or dust off before painting process

How VT Series works

The VT series spray booth uses the unique, patented venturi plate to provide continual mixing throughout the tank. A fan create a high velocity air stream across venturi throat. This causes the surface to shear and liquid is entrained by the air.

VT Series Details

Collecting Efficiency

Air Flow Speed : 0.7 m/s
Filter used to capture overspray : EU-3
Spray Booth Model: VT-25
Method of Testing: Weight Measurement of Spray paint and Final Filter Capture

Testing Date Color Weight Thinner Weight Solid Contain Result Collecting Efficiency
22/05/2017 2 KG 4 KG 20% 98.2 %
29/05/2017 2 KG 4 KG 20% 98.0%
10/06/2017 3.5 KG 1.5 KG 50% 99.12%