Liquid Paint PLAN1
Spray Booth – High Efficiency Venturi System

Liquid Paint
VT Series is a improved design of our previous model. This series is based on 40 years of booth manufacturing experience.Constant suction air flow with high collecting efficiency is the first priority in design of this series.

Water Curtain Spray Booth VW Series

Liquid Paint
The VW series spray booth uses the unique, patented venturi plate to provide continual mixing throughout the tank. A fan create a high velocity air stream across the surface
of water tank.

Spray Booth – Dry Filter System

liquid paint Spray Booth
DB Series is the most economical series in the market. The Series is ideally suited for limited or intermittent spray operations such as refinish shops, schools and production lines where paint consumption is moderate.

MSU : Modular Air Supply Unit

liquid paint Modular Air Supply Unit

MSU is a Modular Supply Unit.The function of MSU is to supply clean air from outside to a spray booth in order to balance pressure inside. The unit is built in with a suction blower and 2-step of filters.

Paint Sludge Flotation Unit

The change of water in the spray booths must be carried out only every 12 months maximum; By extracting the mud continuously the booth water volume will be reduced up to 70%.

Horizontal Scrubber for VOC Treatment

Scrubbers are capable of removing both gases and particles and can be useful for odor control for painting process. GM series is a type of a scrubber that works on absorption principle.

Cubic Baking Oven Model: BO

curing in batch

Cubic oven is designed for small batch production with part on racks. Max temp is 250 C. This series can be run on electric heater or natural gas burner..

Conveyorized belt oven Model: CO


The IR belt oven is designed for continuous operation. It has been engineered to be easier to clean inside the oven than previous version. Max temp is 90 C. Baking Time is depended on customer’s setting.

Conveyorized overhead oven Model: CH


A tunnel oven is suitable for medium to large plastic / metal parts. Max temp can be up to 200 c. The parts can be convoyed by a floor or an overhead conveyor..

Paint Circulation System (PCS)


A precision paint circulation system has capability to supply multi paint station in painting shop. Paint quality control can be done centrally in a mixing room. The paint is circulated at fixed rate in paint pipe with no sedimentation of paint solid..

Conveyor System (Floor / Overhead)


TPT offer an extensive range of overhead and floor conveyor systems ranging from simple manual systems through powered single line to complex power & free system..

Surface Inspection

Fault detection made visible High-precision color and surface inspection in production processes.


Application : part cleaning or wipe / air blow or dust off  before painting process